"never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." - Peter Pan

// Tuesday, 21 June 2016
Having so much on my mind lately. I feel utterly useless and unwanted most of the time. Not like I don't have anyone around me to cheer me up or motivate me, but the problem is with me. I am the problem. 
I get sad when I am alone for no apparent reasons and i hate it. Why must i do this overthinking shit when everything is fine? Why? JUST WHY ?! I hate myself so much yet again. :)
If only I stopped living. 
If only my mind can shut the hell up. 
If only I can stop hurting people. 
If only I can stop hurting myself. 
This is so draining. My eyes are drying up but my mind just fucking won't shut the hell up. I need a bullet in my brain so badly. I wanna trust again. I wanna be happy again. I want others to be happy again too...... 
Why am I doing this? Why am i even here? I don't know... 
I Was So Scared Of Someone Breaking Me I Eventually Broke Myself